Puppies were born on 13.03.2021


We have 3 black females, 2 brown males and 2 brown females






Arce Deos Axel Pride of Russia Kaspij Fedor del Nasi Baron Nike Renewal
Akuna Matata de Grande Vinko
Eura Dinamika iz Zoosfery Pimm's Number One iz Doma Domeni
Mo de Stang-Zu
Teraline Pantera Get To The Point Devil Inside Destiny's Phoenix Highway To Hell
Get to The Point Berta
Teraline Frederika Ethos Steinhage-Grad
Teraline Montera
Irinland Beatriche Queenstone Betelges Fhiram Abif Royal Bell

Eko Royal Bell

Eboni v. Residenzschloss
Greta Betelges Fedor del Nasi
Virginia Betelges
Pride of Russia Kalina Punsh iz Doma Domeni Jivago v/h Wantij
Mo de Stang Zu
Pride of Russia One More Fedor del Nasi
Sharon iz Zoosfery



Breeder: Kristina Shvets, "Casa Kalinas" kennel
Location: Rosov on Don, Russia
Phone: +7 928 270190
website: https://www.casakalinas.com
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.